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2/2 Direct lifting piston solenoid valve/ piston solenoid valve/Direct lifting solenoid valve/valve



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2/2 Pilot operated piston solenoid valve/ piston solenoid valve/Pilot operated solenoid valve/valveZQDF/YCPS   NC/Brass Under the magnetic power, the valve in the lower pressure system lifts the piston to close and open the orifice. In the pressure system, through opening the pilot orifice builds the pressure difference between two sides of diaphragm, achieving the aim to open and close the solenoid valve.It is usually applied to the low or 0Mpa pressure system. However power consumption of coil is great. Compatible fluid: Steam,hot water,oil,air,etc TemperatureG thread/NPT thread(US), 3/8,1/2,3/4,1,11/4,11/2, 2 Working pressureMIN: 0. MpaMAX: 1.0Mpa Port sizeG thread/NPT thread(US), 3/8,1/2,3/4,1,11/4,11/2, 2 Orifice (mm): 10-50mm VoltageDC - 12V, 24VAC - 24V, 120V, 240V/60HZ;  110V, 220V/50HZ  Voltage range: 10% Coil optionY51H, 88VA(AC), 60W(DC), 100%EDY61H, 50VA(AC), 45W(DC), 100%ED  ModelStructureOperationBody materialOrificePort sizeWorking pressureTemperature ZQDFdirect lifting pistonNCbrass 12-503/8-20-1.0MPA-10-180 YCPSdirect lifting pistonNCbrass 12-503/8-20-1.0MPA-10-180 
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